Harrow fraud: care assistant compared to Little Britain character

A care assistant will be sentenced tomorrow for defrauding Harrow Council out of £100,000 by posing as a wheelchair user.

Kato Solomon, a NHS care assistant in north-west London, pleaded guilty to defrauding Harrow Council over three-and-a-half years.

During that period, Solomon, who worked with people with mobility issues, claimed £25,000 in housing and council tax benefits and was given a council property adapted for disabled people valued at £75,000.

Pretended to be disabled

Paul Osborn, portfolio member for strategy and business support at Harrow Council, compared Solomon to Andy, who pretends to be disabled in the Little Britain TV sketch ‘Andy and Lou’ (pictured, right).

Osborn said: “This morally bankrupt individual has effectively stolen, by deception, this specially designed home that could have been provided to the very same persons he was meant to look after.”

Solomon will be sentenced at 2pm tomorrow at Harrow Crown Court.

Harrow Council is currently seeking to recover over £1m in housing and council tax benefits through the courts or with benefit claimants.

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