PRTL: GSCC review could lead to new model of learning

Post-registration training and learning (PRTL) could be reformed this year if it is judged as being ‘unfit for purpose’, the General Social Care Council said today.

Under GSCC requirements, all social workers must undertake 90-hours or 15-days of study or training during their registration period to advance the profession and their development. 

If a social worker fails to meet this requirement and keep records of the activities, this could be judged by the GSCC as misconduct.

New PRTL format could be on the cards

But a new PRTL model could be introduced if social workers, service users and employers tell the GSCC that the current model needs fundamental change.

The GSCC is urging stakeholders to come forward with their experiences of PRTL by 18 February. Should this suggest a major reform is needed, the GSCC will hold a formal public consultation.

Mike Wardle, chief executive of GSCC said: “We want to know if the PRTL scheme is working well enough or if it needs further development. We do not intend to embark on major change unless there is clear evidence that the current message is ‘unfit for purpose’.”

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