Practitioners’ messages

    Are people scared of asking for help?

    ● Certainly this was an issue that came out of Scie’s knowledge review/practice survey. There is a fear that parents will be seen as not able to look after their children due to a disability rather than being able to do it if the proper support is in place.

    ● Having a more holistic family-centred assessment would reduce these fears.

    Solutions and outcomes: needs before capacity

    ● There are various examples in the knowledge review and resource guide about how a protocol can have a positive outcome when needs are fully addressed.

    ● There must be a recognition that needs relating to impairment/illness and disabling barriers must be addressed before making judgements about parenting capacity.

    ● There is a need for agencies to provide family-focused support.

    Factors that support good outcomes for children of parents with alcohol problems

    ● A stable relationship with a non-drinking parent or other adult.

    ● Nurturing from others within the family

    ● Active use of an informal network outside the family for advice and assistance.

    ● Parents providing structure and control, including united and caring front, family activities, and time and attention.

    ● Positive influences at school.

    ● The maintenance of self-esteem and coping skills in the child, including an acquired sense of meaning and faith about life.


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