Social Skirmishes

● Disabled and older people may be suffering across the country because of tightening eligibility criteria, but one council has stood out in its support of service users.

Easington Council, in County Durham, hired a psychic to rid one northern home of a “poltergeist”, responsible for terrifying one mother and her two children. The council said it was the most “cost-effective” solution to helping the terror-struck family, who otherwise may have had to abandon their home and make themselves homeless.

That’s OK then, as long as it saves money.

● How safely we sleep knowing our legislators have their priorities right. Earlier this month, the House of Lords debated both restraint of young offenders and the current plague of squirrels. The controversial subject of restraining young offenders was debated for seven minutes. Eight minutes were spent discussing squirrels and enabled Lord Rooker to make this observation: “I have discovered the famous Wild Boar Hotel near Windermere. It is doing very well in serving up grey squirrel canapés and pancakes.”

So that’s the secret to rising up the political agenda, be a tasty snack for our famished lords.

● Good to see the Department of Health is fully aware of social care changes. A Community Care writer phoned to ask about new guidance for adult social workers.

“Sorry you want the DCSF” said the press officer.

“No, adult social workers are your responsibility”, said the writer.

This went on in pantomime fashion “oh, no we’re not”, “oh, yes you are” until the press officer checked. They are responsible.

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