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For the record

Johnathon Dunkerly has been interested in DJing for a while and has record decks in his room. His dream was to be a DJ for the day, so he went on a two-day DJing course at Sheffield College of Music to learn the skills he needed. He had one-to-one tuition and learned how to mix tracks and choose records to make a good set. Dunkerly hopes to play at the Time nightclub in Derby, where a group supported by Dimensions runs a night for other people with learning disabilities.

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Putting on the Ritz

Christine Gowans had always dreamed of staying at the five-star Ritz hotel in Piccadilly, London. Dimensions booked her a trip with a show, a night at the hotel and a four-course meal. She had a fantastic time, and cried on seeing her room. Her reaction? “I’m so happy that I achieved my dream,” she says. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Must fly

Nina Ramskill’s dream was originally to fly in a hot air balloon or helicopter but, after much searching, Dimensions couldn’t find anyone who could arrange this. Eventually, they found the British Disabled Flying Association which arranged a 45-minute flight for Ramskill in a light aircraft. Lots of Ramskill ‘s family, friends and team came along, and she loved every minute of it.

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Making music

Ian Coombes’ dream was to make his own music CD. Thanks to help from a musician, he visited a recording studio and recorded 10 songs where he sang, played drums and played the guitar. In a later session, he added some percussion to the recording and mixed in some guitar sounds.

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