News round up: Jersey police told one attack occurred last year

    Jersey abuse team is told that one attack occurred late last year
    Police investigating child abuse on Jersey have been scrutinising allegations of assaults from as recently as the last few months, it emerged yesterday as the first pictures were released of the care home cellar where officers have been searching for human remains.

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    Whitehall forecasts child poverty failure
    The government has officially admitted it is unlikely to meet its target of halving child poverty by 2010. The admission, a fortnight before the budget, has emerged from a Department for Work and Pensions productivity study.

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    Intermediaries to help young sex abuse victims in court
    Sex offenders who prey on adults with learning disabilities and young children are to be brought to justice under a groundbreaking scheme to be launched throughout England and Wales next month.

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    Police to extend their search of punishment pits at Jersey care home
    Police are preparing to hunt for a second network of cellars at a Jersey children’s home at the centre of allegations of sexual and physical abuse.

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    PM seeks to revive child poverty plans
    The prime minister is considering ways of using next week’s Budget to instill his child poverty strategy with fresh momentum amid warnings that further investment is needed if the government is to meet its targets.

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    Elderly couples ‘can stay together in care’
    Elderly married couples will be able to stay together when they go into residential care under plans announced yesterday.
    The measure was unveiled by Alan Johnson, the Health Secretary, at the Labour Party spring conference and comes as the Government is planning a transformation of the lives of older people and their carers.

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    Revealed: Ordinary families would get £100 a week MORE benefits if they lived apart
    Three out of four ordinary families would be better off living apart than sharing a home under Labour’s benefits system.
    Tax credits and benefits are increasingly skewed towards single mothers, a study has shown.
    A typical couple on a low or middle income would be £69 a week better off if they lived apart.

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    Exclusive Gordon Brown interview: Any shop twice selling alcohol to U18s should lose its licence
    Off-licences which sell booze to under-18s will be shut down to tackle the binge drinking plague.

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