Practitioners’ Messages

Guidance on risk assessment suggests that an assessment of risk should take into account stress factors, and also strength and resilience.

Supportive work is now provided by the independent sector and this should also be used to promote the resilience of service users.

However, despite many efforts to ensure the co-ordination of services, there are several issues practitioners should identify and address in providing effective support. Some research shows the reluctance of adult mental health professionals to take a whole-family approach feeling, in particular, that child care issues are not their responsibility. Practitioners are therefore advised to read the National Social Inclusion Programme (NSIP) guidance, which asks:

Is someone in the family assuming a care-giving role?

What are the caring practices evident in the family?

If care giving is present, is the caregiver enabled to understand their role in relation to their own needs?

Are social networks sufficient and appropriate?


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