Editorial Comment: Sharing your research

Recognising the growing importance of evidence-based practice in social care, Community Care this week launches a new section covering research developments in the field in partnership with the Social Care Institute for Excellence. Called Learning By Experience, it will showcase significant findings and draw out their implications for practitioners.

It will also be another kind of partnership, all-important in the internet age: one between our magazine and our website. Readers will find a taster on page 30, but for the main course you will need to go to the website and read the full article.

We welcome contributions from social care researchers of all kinds, whether your research was carried out in a formal academic setting or in frontline practice. See the article on the web on how to contribute.

Further information

Elder Abuse: prevalence and prevention research: The facts

Overview of research and resources on elder abuse, by Social Care Institute for Excellence

Learning By Experience – Elder abuse: prevalence and prevention research

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Mark Ivory

This article appeared in the 27 March issue under the headline “Partners in research”

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