Social skirmishes

Rosie Warlock, a senior practitioner in children’s social services, considers the Roles and Tasks of Social Work statement

To further the discussion on the future of social work, we came up with our own descriptions of key staff roles.

Drinkmaker: Starts with making tea – hot water, tea bags, cups and milk – rising to the very skilled process of “barista”. The tea role is suitable for a new starter or unqualified person. Making coffee involves at least two years’ experience and knowledge: brand of coffee, warm milk or expresso, time in cafetière, single or double dip when plunging.

Chef: Every office needs a natural cook to bring in cakes, biscuits and left overs from gargantuan feasts. Worth enquiring about at the interview stage under “hobbies and interests” category.

Know-all: There are two types, firstly the person who knows all about their job and has learned their craft through years of training and work. And then there is the “useless information” person who is key to crossword-solving, quiz nights (“Chosroes II was the last Shah of the Sassanians”) or just showing off (“The Yezidis are forbidden to eat lettuce”).

Gossiper: Often a vivacious person who likes the booze. Beware, in the pub you may be drawn into a conversation you might later regret.

Hard worker: Has the experience, graft, vision and training to be a success. Well liked. Give them the hardest cases.

Would-be boss: Always enthusiastic about the latest e-mail from head office. Dresses smart even when casual is called for. Critical of laughter at work: hope they leave.

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