Mencap launches font designed by people with learning disabilities

Mencap has launched a new font designed to help people with a learning disability read more easily. 

The FS Mencap typeface was created by a collaboration between people with learning disabilities and leading font designer Jason Smith. From 21 April it will become the standard for all the charity’s publications and website.

The design team found that larger and more rounded letters were easier to identify. The letter “v” was accordingly given a curved arm to differentiate it from a “w” and the letter “r” opened up to make it more legible.

FS Mencap will become available for general public use within the next three months and it is hoped that it will rival Arial and Helvetica as the standard accessible font to make reading easier for thousands of people.

Campaigns and information assistant Ismail Kaji said: “We took a long time deciding which were the easiest to read and the clearest to see. The results are great and will have an impact on Mencap’s future work.”

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