Jersey: Blood-stained items found at Haut de la Garenne

Blood-stained items have been recovered from cellars at the former Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey.

More than 160 people have alleged abuse at the home, which closed in 1986. 

The items were found in the third and fourth of the cellars being excavated.  Police have not identified them and said that they did not know whether there was an “innocent explanation” at this stage.

“A number of finds have been made and are being studied.  For evidential reasons we do not want to detail these but they have the potential to further corroborate the versions of events given to us by victims who have come forward,” senior investigating officer Lenny Harper said.

Tests on the skull fragment previously recovered from the site have proved inconclusive, and police have now said it is unlikely that there will be a murder inquiry in relation to it.

But Harper said the site would remain the scene of a “possible homicide” until all the areas under investigation had been excavated and cleared.

He added that it was “unlikely” that a murder inquiry could be justified in circumstances where the suspects were probably deceased.

“As well as having huge financial implications such an enquiry would also detract from the serious allegations of criminal abuse in which the victims and suspects are still alive,” he said.

The inquiry team have also excavated a pit containing lime following information recieved from a member of the public.

The man alleged he was called to the home by care staff during the late 1970s or 1980s and asked by one of them to dig two pits, and told it was “none of his concern” when he asked what they were for. He returned the next day and was asked by the carers to fill in the pits.

He came forward to police and directed them to the holes, saying the event had  “played on his mind for some years.”

Then inquiry team are currently excavating the second pit which is very close to what was the boy’s dormitory.

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