Child Support Handbook

Child Support Handbook: 15th Edition 2007-8
Rachel Hadwen
Child Poverty Action Group,
ISBN: 9781906076 023

Star rating: 5/5

The financial implications of family breakdown can be devastating for all involved and these difficulties are often compounded when dealing with the Child Support Agency (CSA).

This book offers practical guidance for dealing with the CSA. The author examines the rules of the child support scheme and the CSA’s work, detailing how maintenance is calculated in a clear methodical approach.

Of special interest is the new chapter on making complaints. It helps you to make sense of the ever-changing practices and procedures of the CSA and identify situations where there is cause for grievance then it helps you decide on the best course of action or if in fact the grievance is actually with the CSA. As the links with social security and child support are often entwined, advice is given on the procedures when complaining to Job Centre Plus.

The author has included information on the future for child support with the government’s proposed child maintenance and enforcement commission, describing its power and objectives.

For anyone giving advice or dealing with the CSA the Child Support Handbook is an essential tool. The book’s concise explanations, format and easy referencing allows the lay person to gain an understanding of the child support scheme and how to challenge decisions when necessary.

Juliette Piercy (LLB) is a welfare benefits adviser, Money Advice Unit, Hertfordshire Council


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