Supported Housing and the Law

 Supported Housing and the Law
 Sue Baxter and Helen Carr,
 Legal Action Group
 ISBN 9781903307519,

 Star rating: 5/5

Someone needed to write a good book on the legal framework for supported housing, writes Ed Mitchell.

This is exactly what the authors of Supported Housing and the Law have done.

The book costs about the same as 15 to 20 minutes of a private solicitor’s time.

Yet it provides simple answers to many of the supported housing legal problems that people ­commonly pay to receive advice on.

The core of the book is a ­practical explanation of the operation of housing law principles in supported housing projects in England and Wales.

Tricky legal matters, such as the granting of tenancies to ­people with limited mental capacity, or to children, and the management of antisocial behaviour related to disability, are expertly dealt with and in a manner that calls for no previous legal knowledge from the reader.

The book even includes a number of specimen official forms for example, for ­increasing rents and skeleton policies, such as on equal opportunities.

This book is a bargain and every supported housing project in England and Wales should have a copy.

Ed Mitchell is a solicitor, Community Care’s legal expert and editor of Social Care Law Today

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