Action for Kids ‘could be damaged’ by NCH name change

Children’s charity Action for Kids claims it could “suffer greatly” as a result of NCH’s plans to change its name to Action for Children this September.

Both charities work with disabled children, young people, parents and carers and have headquarters in North London.

Chief executive Mike Hayes said: “We have evidence that there is already some existing confusion between the charities because in the past NCH has used and then dropped the strap-line ‘Action For Children’. Re-branding will only increase any misunderstanding and potentially have a detrimental effect on our work.”

Action for Kids history
Action for Kids began in 1992 after founder Sally Bishop raised funds to buy powered wheelchairs for two disabled children. The organisation has since grown to become a national charity providing mobility equipment and family support to thousands of individuals.

Hayes said the charity was consulting with its solicitors in order to prevent the NCH name change and that the issue had been raised with voluntary sector regulator the Charity Commission.

An NCH spokesperson said: “NCH has had a long association with the name ‘Action for Children’, which formed part of our name in the 1990s and still resonates with many of our volunteers, supporters, donors and partners.  We have researched this work extensively…and we are confident of being able to reassure [Action for Kids] that our distinct brand and clear identity at the time of our formal launch will not impact on their position.

“We know of no evidence to suggest the decision to stop using the ‘Action for Children’ name in 2000 had anything to do with perceived confusions with other charities”.

NCH is rebranding itself in an attempt to improve public awareness of its work, to boost voluntary income. It claims that just 1% of people recognise NCH as a brand, which compare with 21% for Barnardo’s.

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