Children’s Trusts could manage youths in custody

Planned changes to youth justice system aimed at keeping more children out of jail

A shakeup of the youth justice system is being planned by ministers that would see a failing punitive policy replaced by a more welfare-oriented, early-intervention approach to dealing with children in trouble.

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UK children ‘most likely to try cannabis’

Children growing up in the UK are more likely to drink, smoke and to have tried cannabis than in many other western countries, according to a study by the World Health Organisation.

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Could humiliation be the next weapon in our war on crime?

British offenders depressed at the prospect of sweeping out bus stations in a fluorescent jacket identifying them as a criminal, or being shamed in a “conviction poster”, can console themselves with the thought that they could be at the cutting edge of a historic revival.

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Alcohol will get a minimum price

Cut-price booze in supermarkets is to be banned in a bid to stamp out binge-drinking.

Ministers are determined to stop stores peddling alcohol at ridiculously low prices that make it easy for teenagers to stock up on strong beer and cider.

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The hell of being an asylum seeker

Meet Sergey. He’s a doctor. He’s also an asylum seeker who is forced to survive on £35 of Asda vouchers a week.

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Keep taking the medicine

After seven years at the helm of the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (NTA), Paul Hayes is adamant that the addiction programmes he has overseen during his tenure are working. Not everyone is so convinced.

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