Mental Health Intervention and services for vulnerable children and young people

Mental Health Interventions and Services for Vulnerable Children and Young People
Panos Vostanis (editor),
Jessica Kingsley
ISBN: 978-1-84310-489-6

Star rating: 4/5

Panos Vostanis brings together a rich collection of writers who discuss mental health care issues for vulnerable young people. These include service provision, issues for foster carers and adopters, stigmatisation of mental illness and a range of theoretical perspectives. Vostanis and his authors address international perspectives and issues of diversity. They also look at the mental health needs of homeless young people, those who have experienced domestic violence and young offenders.

Vicki Edwards from Leicestershire child and adolescent services discusses therapeutic issues that affect children in care. She reminds us of the relevance of attachment theory and the importance of effective supervision in therapy. Vostanis reviews therapeutic services available to homeless children, many of whom are care leavers.

Vostanis weaves together the complex intersecting needs of these young people, and highlights the importance of multi-agency integrated service responses. Fiona Gale, from East Midlands Camhs, describes the impact of societal and familial stigmatisation of mental illness on the engagement and self-esteem of young service users.

This book isn’t an in-depth discussion but rather a source of information and suggestions for reflective practitioners. It’s a useful resource for any professional working with vulnerable children and young people.

Philippa Hulley is a social worker in children’s services, Solihull Council

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