News round-up: British-born teenagers trafficked ‘within UK’

British-born teenagers trafficked for sexual exploitation

Teenage girls born in Britain are being trafficked for sexual exploitation within the UK, police said yesterday, adding that children are being “groomed” by men acting as boyfriends who carry out the abuse and then take the youngsters to other towns for further exploitation.

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Mental health trust accused over care of man who killed

The family of a fitness instructor killed by a man with paranoid schizophrenia yesterday accused medical staff of in effect signing his death warrant. Matthew Carter, 22, was so badly disfigured by Sean Perry during a random attack two years ago he had to be identified by his DNA.

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Skunk smokers more at risk of psychosis than hash users

who smoke the more powerful kind of cannabis known as skunk are 18 times more likely to develop psychosis than those who smoke milder forms, according to research by psychiatrists.

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Pressure grows to free detained Zimbabwean asylum seekers

The government is under growing pressure to free scores of Zimbabwean asylum seekers from detention centres after a court of appeal ruling yesterday further delayed legal moves to deport them.

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The Lord Chief Justices calls for alternatives to prison

Britain’s most senior judge blamed worsening overcrowding in prisons on ministers’ refusal to pay for alternatives to jail.

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Call to use prisons cash on hostels

Billions of pounds earmarked for massive new jails would be better spent on other projects such as hostels, it has been claimed.

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