GSCC case: ‘Approved social worker had sex with service user’

A woman told a General Social Care Council conduct committee yesterday that she had sex with her social worker several times when she had a serious alcohol problem and needed help.

The woman, known as Miss B, said she had been drunk every day, was in a “bad state” and needed to be “loved and wanted” when she had sex with approved social worker Mark James Wooldridge between August 2005 and April 2006.

“I was drunk every day. I could not see clearly at all. I could not step into the bath because I would be shaking so much if I did not have a drink.”

‘Carte blanche to continue drinking’

She added that she had few friends and Wooldridge made her feel her drinking was not a problem so she had “carte blanche to carry on drinking”.

She said Wooldridge, at the time a Somerset Council approved social worker, had visited her a number of times at home. She eventually came to feel that she needed to “keep him sweet” because he was helping her get funding for an expensive alcohol and drug treatment centre.

“I knew it was a bit naughty but at the time it was not me being naughty. He never said this is really wrong. He encouraged it really,” she told the hearing.

Terrified of losing service

She said she was terrified someone at the treatment centre would find out about her involvement with Wooldridge and funding for her place would be withdrawn or she would be discharged. She said her treatment had been hindered because she felt like she was concealing the truth.

Later, counsellor Allison Simmons told the hearing that Miss B had entered the treatment centre in January 2006 with her life in chaos. “She appeared to me to be lost in an alcoholic history,” she said.

Simmons said Miss B had been “hungry” to recover and had disclosed to her that she had sex with Wooldridge at least four times and had been ashamed that she had allowed it to happen.

‘Shame and relief’

“The impact on her was shame and underpinning that relief that she had told someone. And she was very regretful,” said Simmons.

Wooldridge also allegedly breached the code of conduct by inserting his finger into the vagina of another service user, Miss A, allowing her to masturbate him and sending her inappropriate text messages.

He also allegedly sent sexually explicit and inappropriate emails to colleagues.

Allegations that he used medication prescribed to another service user have been struck out.

Wooldridge did not attend the hearing in London or send a representative. He has denied having sex with Miss B but does admit to kissing her.

The hearing concluded today.



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