New defence in domestic abuse cases

Judges ban jail restraints after child deaths

Use of painful physical restraint to maintain discipline in privately-run child jails was outlawed by the court of appeal yesterday as an infringement of young people’s fundamental human rights.

The court quashed regulations introduced by the government 12 months ago allowing staff to use violent methods to keep order in secure training centres in England and Wales.

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New defence in domestic abuse cases

People who kill their partners after years of abuse would be able to use a new defence that they had acted in response to extreme “words and conduct”, under government plans to change the law on murder.

The proposals from the Ministry of Justice, to be unveiled today, would also provide a defence for women in domestic violence cases who kill their partners in premeditated attacks. They would be able to rely on a defence of “fear of serious violence” but would not have to show they acted spontaneously.

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Power fat cats face extra taxes

Gordon Brown was last night under mounting pressure to slap a windfall tax on mega-rich energy firms.
MPs and union chiefs want a slice of their £9billion EU bonanza to help poor families.

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