Refuge launches campaign on domestic violence

Domestic violence charity Refuge has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the early warning signs of abuse.

The campaign, launched yesterday (5 Aug), highlights the lack of awareness among women of the ways they may be controlled by abusive men.

A Refuge survey of 500 women found that almost all respondents recognised physical abuse as domestic violence but only a quarter said they were aware of the more subtle techniques of control, such as jealousy and possessiveness.

Other indicators flagged up by the national media and poster campaign include if women are cut off from family and friends, if they are subjected to constant criticism or intimidation or if their partner has mood swings.

Refuge chief executive Sandra Horley said: “Two women are killed every week by a current or former partner. It is essential that women receive the right education and information so they can understand the techniques of control frequently used by abusive men.

Humberside had the highest rate of female domestic homicide, according to the latest government data.

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