Expressions of Interest – Tender for Personalised Mental Health Services

Personalised Services
Can you help adults with mental health needs improve their lives?

Is your organisation innovative and forward thinking? Can you provide flexible services and activities that will allow people with mental health needs to have choices, participate in community life, and be independent? If yes, then the London Borough of Lambeth would like to hear from you.

We need to offer people with mental health needs a menu of support services and social activities that will help them to be active and involved in community life. We are looking for services that are flexible and go beyond the traditional day-centre based model. The menu may, for example, include services that will support people recovering from mental health problems to:

  • make lifestyle changes
  • achieve and maintain employment
  • undertake educational and vocational training
  • participate in leisure and recreational services
  • achieve their artistic potential and aspirations
  • take part in day service activity
  • develop life skills
  • manage their mental health wellbeing via counselling and advice services

    The introduction of personalised services is a radical change in approach to previous ways of delivering support. Personalised services will open doors to markets that would not have previously considered their services or goods as sought after within the social care field. It will also demand an innovative and creative service response from the voluntary sector. We are looking for a much broader range of services that will benefit local businesses, the voluntary sector, mental health service users and the wider community. Mental health service users will, over the coming years, have their own individual budgets and willdetermine how it will be used to support their recovery.

    This is a groundbreaking opportunity to be part of support services and social activities that will have positive social, economical and environmental impact and benefit. The intention is that the process, once complete, will lead to a series of framework contracts which deliver a range of personalised mental health services.

    The successful service providers must be able to demonstrate the following attributes:

  • a proven track record of quality and innovative services
  • an ability to think outside of the ‘community care’ box
  • an ability to meet the needs of a diverse community of people with mental health needs
  • an ability to provide outcome-based services that benefit the individual and the wider community

    We particularly welcome interest from organisations working in partnership, consortiums, voluntary and commercial organisations, andvocational and educational institutions.

    For further information and or to express an interest, please write to
    John Plumridge, Procurement Team
    Adults and Community Services, London Borough of Lambeth
    5th Floor, Phoenix House,
    10 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2LL
    or email

    Closing date for expressions of interest:Friday 5th September 2008.

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