News round up: Jersey detective’s fury at Attorney-General

Jersey police chief’s fury as abuse suspects release ‘scares off’ witnesses

A furious memorandum from the senior detective in the Jersey child murder and abuse investigation claims that it has been hampered by prosecutors, destroying victims’ faith in the justice system.

Lenny Harper, who found the remains of five children in a former boys’ home, says that it is getting harder to persuade witnesses to come forward because of fears that alleged perpetrators will not be put on trial.

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Nurses caring for four men with rare brain illness treat them to a night out at a lap dancing club

As special treats go, it was just what the doctor ordered.

Nurses at a private care home arranged for four of their male residents, all suffering from Huntington’s disease, to be taken to a lapdancing club.

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Mother of girl who ‘starved’ is charged with murder

The mother and stepfather of seven-year-old Khyra Ishaq, who allegedly starved to death, are to be charged with her murder.

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20,000 jobs go in worst month since 90s recession

Unemployment is surging at its fastest rate for 16 years, with the latest figures showing that the number of people out of work and claiming jobless benefit rose by 20,100 last month.

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Ex-drugs policy director calls for legalisation

A former senior civil servant who was responsible for coordinating the government’s anti-drugs policy now believes that legalisation would be less harmful than the current strategy. Julian Critchley, the former director of the Cabinet Office’s anti-drugs unit, also said that his views were shared by the “overwhelming majority” of professionals in the field, including police officers, health workers and members of the government.

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‘Get rich .. die trying’ kids rap

MILLIONS of young men are trapped in a violent crisis created by a “get rich or die trying” culture, Labour’s leading black minister says.

David Lammy voiced alarm yesterday at the “horrifying” wave of knife attacks which has swept Britain — mostly carried out by young men.

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Stay-at-home mums save the country £1bn a year by carrying out volunteer work

They have their hands full bringing up children. But that doesn’t stop two thirds of non-working mothers undertaking hours of work for the community.

Researchers claim this unpaid labour saves the Government almost £1billion annually.

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