‘Anti-natal’ society tells parents not to have big families

‘Anti-natal’ society tells parents not to have big families

Society unfairly pressurises parents into having small families, according to a new report.The study for the think tank Civitas claims that the middle-classes are made to feel guilty about the impact on the environment and the damage to their careers if they have large numbers of babies. Everything from house prices to car tax makes it far more expensive for them to raise more than two children, it says.

The report says that this “anti-natal” prejudice against large families is misplaced, however, and that young people who have lots of brothers and sisters grow up happier and better-adjusted than only children.
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Nowhere to go but home for Gary Glitter

Gary Glitter continued his lonely airport shuttle last night as Hong Kong authorities put him on a plane back to Thailand – and Thai immigration officials said they would be sending him straight to the UK.

After 48 hours travelling, including 20 hours in Bangkok airport and another 12 hours in the transit lounge at Hong Kong, it seemed that the international pariah was finally nearing the end of his travels.

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