David Blunkett says people should work until ‘incapacitated’

David Blunkett says people should work until they are ‘incapacitated’

Britain’s workforce should keep working until they are no longer physically able to do so, according to former cabinet minister David Blunkett.
In a speech to the Counsel and Care charity in London, he said people should stop assuming that the Government had “prime responsibility” for supporting them through “the ever increasing years of retirement”.

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Half of all criminals reoffend within a year

Nearly half of all criminals released from jail reoffended within a year of being let out, figures have disclosed.

The number of crimes committed by serial offenders who have just left prison or begun a community punishment has risen to more than half a million a year, according to data from the Ministry of Justice.

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Black Caribbean children held back by institutional racism in schools, finds study

Black Caribbean pupils are being subjected to institutional racism in English schools which can dramatically undermine their chances of academic success, according to a new study.

Researchers have uncovered evidence that teachers are routinely under-estimating the abilities of some black pupils, suggesting that assumptions about behavioural problems are overshadowing their academic talents.

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Brown rules out direct cash help with fuel bills

Gordon Brown signalled last night that there would be no one-off payment to soften the impact of rising fuel bills in a package of measures expected to be released next week. But in a speech to the Scottish CBI, he sought to lift the gloom surrounding the wider economy, saying he was cautiously optimistic that underlying strengths would help Britain weather the global crisis.

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Deprived areas data reveals cancer survival divide

People who live in the most deprived parts of England are less likely to survive cancer than those who live in more affluent areas, according to figures published yesterday by the Office for National Statistics.

People in deprived “spearhead” primary care trust areas, earmarked for special help by the Department of Health, had significantly lower survival rates than the rest of the country.

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Keep minor criminals out of jail and raise funding, says Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats have called for a fundamental shift in thinking on crime, saying minor criminals should be kept out of jail, with the money saved put into police funding.

Launching his party’s proposals, Chris Huhne, the home affairs spokesman, accused the government of making too many people criminals by what he called “legislative diarrhoea”. He said £1.2bn would be saved if the prison population was reduced from today’s 84,000 to the pre-1997 levels.

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