Conservatives would scrap ContactPoint child database

Conservatives would scrap controversial ContactPoint child database

A flagship database of every child living in England, which is due to be launched by the government next year, will be shutdown by a Conservative government.
The £224 million ContactPoint database, which has been delayed twice because of security issues, will include the names, ages and addresses of all 11 million under 18s and detailed information on their parents, GPs, and schools.

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Teachers are ‘being turned into social workers’

Serious academic study is being treated as “blasphemy” in schools as timetables become increasingly focused on cutting teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and obesity, leading headmasters have warned.

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Children allowed to drink at home more likely to develop alcohol problems, study suggests

Parents who give their children alcohol at home believing that it will teach them to drink responsibly could be doing more harm than good, new research suggests.
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Children as young as nine forced to marry

British children as young as nine are being forced to marry against their will by their families, campaigners have warned.
Charities supporting victims of forced marriages report growing numbers of young teenagers and children seeking help.
They are urging schools to take tougher action where they suspect pupils are at risk, and to monitor their rolls carefully and raise the alarm when children disappear.

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‘One-stop-shop’ to keep children safe on the internet

Help is at hand for parents who fear for their children’s safety while using the internet with the launch today of a government scheme aimed at keeping children safe in cyberspace.

The UK Council for Child Internet Safety will bring together more than 100 public and private organisations to develop a national strategy on child safety on the web. It will become a one-stop shop for parents, providing the information they need to keep themselves and their children safe.
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