National Poetry Day – reflections of a young person in care

Thursday is National Poetry Day, and to mark this we wanted to share with Community Care readers the musings of KS who has used poetry to reflect on her experiences as a young person in care.

Never Let Go

Secrets hidden beneath those three children’s eyes, no one hears their cries
One girl’s eyes are joy and laughter
But deep inside there’s not happy ever after
A young handsome boy who has a faint smile on his lips
But inside his heart just stops and rips
The middle girl has no smile at all, she’s not afraid to tell how she feels
But she hopes her heart will start the heals
They sit together, huddle close promising never to let go
The middle girl feels pain from head to toe
The boy feels dismay and mixed feelings
But the girl with happiness hates her life and wishes for wings
Eyes so dark mysterious and deep
Secrets all crammed in a heap
A girl in her room stares at three separate pictures
They’re grown up and older but a feeling starts to concur
No it split them up even though they promised never to let go
The girl staring is the girl with no fear she aches from head to toe
Seven years since they’ve been in touch
No being together to have their hands touch
People just walked out on our dreams
Which was to stay together at the time it seemed?
One girl is apart from the others never to be seen again
She writes a story which dreams she’ll see her
Family again it’s what it contains
But other don’t want contact
It’s the end for now
But it will work somehow

Poem to Sarah

People used to make me feel so small
But then I had a wake up call
It was to stand up for myself
I shouldn’t be teased because I don’t have wealth
I deserve a right to live
And when I’m older I’m going to give
I should be teased because I didn’t have a mum
Because I have someone else who’s special though I didn’t come from her
I love her like a mum and she cares for me
She especially makes me a good cup of tea
Her name’s Sarah she has two kids but she counts me as another one
And one thing’s for sure her love to me is not a con
When my mum wasn’t prepare to look after me
Sarah stepped in and came over sea, over mountains just for me
I felt special in every way a girl should
And I know she wouldn’t leave me she never could

Don’t Give Up

Sitting back reminiscing watching the days go by
Watching the birds wishing you could fly
Wishing you could go back to where you started
Remembering how we were all parted
Regret and guilt fill your heart
And you cry in pain as if you’ve been hit by a dart
Don’t give up
Do you know what you’ve lost?
Do you realise the big cost?
You’ve broken many people’s hearts and even your own
It’s time to step up take the blame and grab the phone
On call wont make it better but it can make explaining easier
Don’t give up.
It’s time to make things right back down and be polite
Don’t give up.
Clean yourself up and get a job
Make amends with uncle Rob
Get a date with your kids you haven’t seen them in ages
Behave and get good wages
It’s time to get it right your about to take flight
Don’t give up.

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