Our top 10 comedy videos to cheer you up on World Mental Health Day

On the basis that laughter is the best medicine we have hand picked 10 comedy clips to help you chuckle your way through World Mental Health Day. If you don’t like our selection or think you can come up with some better clips then why not vent some of that unhelpful anger on CareSpace?

1. A very short but perfectly formed clip from Father Ted. Perspective is a very complex idea you know.

2. You all know this classic Monty Python clip. In fact, you should really know it off by heart

3. You’ve lost the news! No list would be complete without something from The Day Today

4. Do you shop at a trendy organic deli? Then you’ll hate this Harry Enfield sketch

5. Have you ever wondered what post war military history would look like if it were depicted as food? Of course you have.

6. Laurel and Hardy are impossible to beat. The simple job of cleaning a chimney couldn’t possibly cause them any problems could it?

7. We’ve all ended up in a jazz trance every now and again. Luckily the Mighty Boosh provide a guide

8. Remember John Prescott? Relive his finest moment

9. Here’s a more contemporary offering from the TV series The Wrong Door – what is a soldier spray?

10. Finally, how difficult can cleaning a chandelier be? Surprisingly difficult if you’re the Trotters, it seems

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