News round-up: No help for charities in Iceland plight

No help for charities in Iceland plight
Scores of charities came away empty-handed on Friday after seeking emergency compensation from the Treasury for the potential loss of millions of pounds left on deposit in failed Icelandic banks.

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Urgent talks to avert rise in council tax
Town hall and charity leaders will meet Treasury ministers this week to thrash out emergency measures to stave off council tax rises, missed wage payments and service cuts as a result of the Icelandic banks crisis.

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‘Free drinks for women’ offers may be banned 
Bars could be banned from offering free alcohol to women and restaurants may be obliged to serve wine in glasses with marked measures under new proposals being considered by the government, it emerged yesterday.

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Overweight people suffer abuse – and give it too
Nine in 10 overweight and obese people have been subjected to verbal insults, with terms such as fatty, lard arse and Mr Blobby commonplace, an online survey of 1,000 over-16s suggests today

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