Elderly to get more protection

Elderly to get more protection
New measures are being prepared to tackle the growing problem of family members who exploit elderly people by stealing their savings and pensions.

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Lives put at risk by poor hospital discharge procedures, GPs say
One in four GPs said patients’ lives are being put at risk because hospitals are failing to provide essential information about medication or treatment when a patient is discharged, according to a new survey.

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Councils and ministers to discuss fallout from banking crisis
Town hall officials will meet ministers later today to discuss help for 116 councils affected by the near-collapse of the Icelandic banking system.

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Sharp rise in unemployment as financial crisis hits jobs market
British unemployment today posted its biggest rise since the country’s last recession 17 years ago as the financial crisis filtered through to the jobs market.

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Virtual village life
Leaving prison can be a lonely experience, but an online writing community could change that

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Rosa raises hope for women’s groups
Rosa is planning to start bestowing urgently needed grants next year to organisations that support women and girls in the UK.

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Safe journey
A specially created travel firm is reintroducing mental health service users to the world of work

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Torquay hoodie ban for Asbo teenagers
Four young men from the seaside town of Torquay have been banned from wearing hooded tops as part of an Asbo that has 10 conditions to it.

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100,000 public sector workers facing the axe as credit crunch hits the Government
More than 100,000 public sector jobs could be axed as the economic crisis deepens, it was warned yesterday.

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