CC Live: Children’s commissioner slams rights failings

UK society is still failing children and young people despite progress in some areas, the children’s commissioner for England told Community Care Live Children and Families today.

Al Aynsley-Green described the poor treatment of  many children as a “national disgrace”.

Reviewing the recent report of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, he said the issue of the lack of facilities for mentally ill children was particularly bad.

Ultrasonic devices

Aynsley-Green also criticised the use of ultrasonic devices, known as mosquitoes, to drive young people away from certain areas, saying they had a negative effect on autistic children.

And he attacked the media for their portrayal of children. He said: “There is a serious problem of the demonisation of children which is increasing barriers between the young and old in our society.”

Aynsley-Green urged professionals working with children to put pressure on the government to act on the UNCRC’s recommendations.

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