News round up: Social mobility rising at last

Social mobility rising at last

The defining goal of Gordon Brown’s political career – the promotion of social mobility – is showing signs of progress after decades of stagnation, a government report will say today.

A series of Labour initiatives targeted at the less well-off from the earliest years of life are beginning to have an impact, indicating that for the first time in three decades, children from disadvantaged backgrounds may be able to overtake their parents on the social ladder.

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Complaints rise over school admissions

The number of parents registering official complaints accusing schools of breaking admission laws has rocketed this year, figures seen by the Guardian reveal.

The schools adjudicator, Philip Hunter, has been inundated with complaints of schools breaching admission rules, most of which were either upheld or partly upheld. In the past two months, his office has settled 111 cases – more than in the whole of the previous academic year.

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Primary school children recruited into gangs

Boys as young as six are being recruited into gangs, according to a police strategy document obtained by The Times.

Efforts to tackle gang membership among secondary school pupils are doomed to fail, say the authors, because by that age vulnerable children are already immersed in the culture
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42,000 children sent home from school in past four years because of drink and drugs

Almost 42,000 pupils have been sent home for alcohol or drug-related reasons in the past four years, it emerged today.
A total of 1,930 primary and secondary school children were expelled and a further 39,890 suspended between 2003-04 and the end of the 2006-07 year, the latest period for which figures are available.
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Boris to stop kids going bad

London mayor Boris Johnson today announces a bold plan to tackle spiralling youth crime.
Writing exclusively in The Sun, he details how innocent youngsters will be targeted before they get in trouble — while first-time offenders will be helped back on the straight and narrow.

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