News round up: The case of Baby P

Investigation called after child murder case with echoes of Climbie

A nationwide review of child protection has been ordered after a mother duped social workers into believing that a series of brutal injuries that led to her son’s death were accidental.

The Times

Abused toddler visited 60 times by care workers before his death

Baby P was used “as a punchbag” during eight months of abuse, but despite care workers visiting him on 60 separate occasions before his death the decisive action that could have saved his life was never taken.

The Daily Telegraph

Once again, no one’s to blame

A toddler was seen by the authorities 60 times in eight months of unimaginable torture before his death.

But not a single social worker will lose their job over the blunders which let the little boy suffer 50 injuries including a broken back, eight fractured ribs and ripped fingernails.

The Daily Mail

‘We said never again after Climbié. We were wrong’

Lord Laming, the child protection expert who led the inquiry into the circumstances of the killing of Victoria Climbié in Haringey in 2000, spoke of his distress that the same north London borough should have been the setting for the death of another child known to welfare and health agencies, despite the reforms that followed his investigation.

“What I had hoped was that Haringey would develop services that would make it an exemplar of good practice,” Laming said last night.

The Guardian

Nobody saved him

TORTURED Baby P was seen SIXTY times by health or social workers during the eight months in which he was brutally abused.

The Sun

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