Baby P: the story of Haringey whistleblower Nevres Kemal

A lawyer acting on behalf of former Haringey social worker Nevres Kemal has reiterated that she had raised concerns well before the death of Baby P that vulnerable children in the borough were not being adequately protected.

Kemal first raised concerns in 2004. As previously reported by Community Care, she was involved in a dispute with her employer and reached an out of court settlement in April this year, which prevents her from speaking to the press.

She had accused the council of racial dis­crimination and said she faced hostile treatment after blowing the whistle. The council rejected the claims.







October: Kemal reviewed a case involving several children believed to be suffering sexual or physical abuse. She concluded that they had been left in the care of their suspected abusers. She claimed that they were not all initially given a medical examination and that managers failed to act.



Kemal said she raised concerns with Haringey Council. The council said that it investigated and that it had not put children at risk.


Kemal claimed the council suspended her after the parent of a teenage girl made an allegedly false complaint about her.




February: Kemal brought a case against the council to an employment tribunal. The council did not respond to the allegations at the tribunal because it said it was not aware of the claim. The tribunal made no findings of fact. Kemal won by default.

Haringey Council launched an appeal against the tribunal’s decision. It said Kemal’s allegations were”spurious and incorrect”.


Kemal’s lawyer wrote to health secretary Patricia Hewitt calling for a public inquiry into child protection in the borough.


April: the parties reached an out of court settlement in which Haringey Council agreed to pay Kemal an undisclosed sum and she agreed not to speak publicly.
November: Kemal’s lawyer reiterates that she raised concerns in 2004.

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