Haringey ‘overruled’ attempt to put Baby P in care

Haringey ‘overruled’ attempt to put Baby P into care
A senior manager at the social services department in Haringey, North London, overruled the concerns of colleagues and senior police officers to return Baby P to his mother and his eventual death, it has been claimed.

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Cost cutting put children at risk, Baby P whistleblower claims
Vulnerable teenagers were often abandoned by Haringey Social Services because of cost-cutting during the period in which Baby P was being abused, a former social worker has claimed

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Fury mounts over child’s death
Anger over the death of Baby P appeared to be reaching boiling point in Haringey as the majority Labour group on the council held an emergency meeting to discuss the tragedy.

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Cost of child protection case fees risks lives, say lawyers
Members of the judiciary and family lawyers have warned that a government-imposed hike in the cost of taking children into care could increase the numbers in danger of suffering domestic abuse.

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Billions to be spent on hospitals and schools
Britain came under international pressure yesterday to inject billions of pounds into the economy as the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, finalised plans for tax cuts and for public spending using money from NHS surpluses.

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