Connecting with children – developing working relationships

Connecting with children – developing working relationships


Pam Foley and Stephen Leverett (eds)

The Polity Press/The Open University ISBN 9781847420589

Set within the context of the UK’s poor performance internationally in child well-being, Connecting with Children asks how professionals can respond positively.

The book acknowledges the complex politics of childcare and the uncertainties around the status of childhood. Particular concern is noted for the middle period of childhood, which the editors feel has been overlooked at a time when resources are being directed towards early intervention initiatives.

A consistent theme is recognising that children are people in their own right by giving them a voice and providing sensitive support, while remembering that childhood is a time of learning and play.

Most of the chapters are written by the editors, both of whom are from a practice background and now lecture in health and social care at the Open University. Topics include: communicating with children developing positive relationships listening across generations children’s participation and understanding transition. Throughout the book there are thinking points, practice examples, colour photographs, quotations from children and key points summaries.

This is a good basic text for students and practitioners in disciplines involved in working with children, reminding us of the key and fundamental issues involved in effective working, and advocating for their wishes and needs.

Dr Andrew Durham is consultant practitioner, Warwickshire SIBS, and an independent child care consultant

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