Contemporary Risk Assessment in Safeguarding Children

Contemporary Risk Assessment in Safeguarding Children


Edited by Martin Calder

Russell House Publishing ISBN 9781905541201

Risk assessment is a constant concern for those charged with protecting children and this comprehensive work addresses the topic from various perspectives. The book consists of 18 chapters written by 17 authors and divided into two main sections: contextual and operational considerations.

The nine devoted to contextual considerations address issues such as “professional dangerousness”, working with thresholds and the language of child protection.

The eight remaining chapters relate closely to practice, examining the risks in assessments and presenting assessment methods and tools that practitioners will find both thought-provoking and helpful in undertaking this difficult work.

Practitioners engaged in risk assessment will find this book comprehensive but the range of material presented combined with the complex subject matter does not make it an easy read. However, this work has so much to offer the practitioner that it is well worth the effort.

Ellen Rabinowicz is a senior lecturer in social work at the University of East London

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