News round up: Social workers ‘set up CCTV in couple’s bedroom’

Social services ‘set up CCTV camera in couple’s bedroom’

Social workers set up a CCTV camera in the bedroom of a couple with learning difficulties in order to monitor their behaviour, a new report claims.

Council staff are said to have spied on the young parents at night as part of a plan to see if they were fit to look after their baby, who was sleeping in another room.

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Darling to raise taxes for wealthy

Alistair Darling, chancellor, is to target the wealthy with a new top rate of tax to help pay down soaring government borrowing, as he prepares to unveil a £12.5bn VAT cut to encourage Britain to shop its way out of recession.

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Babies born with Down’s syndrome on increase

More Down’s syndrome babies are being born now than before screening for the condition began in 1989.

The reason is because affected children’s quality of life is better and acceptance has risen – so parents are more willing to raise them, says a survey.

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Social workers sacked over ‘sick’ image of paedophile Gary Glitter carrying a child in a shopping bag

Fifteen council staff, including social workers, have been sacked or reprimanded after circulating a tasteless e-mail of reviled paedophile Gary Glitter carrying a child in a shopping bag.

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Tories keen on allowing the return of a clip round the ear

The police would be formally discouraged from taking action against adults who tackle misbehaving youngsters under a Conservative government, Dominic Grieve, the Shadow Home Secretary, reveals today.

Fear of legal action, not violence, holds most people back from confronting antisocial behaviour, Mr Grieve said in an interview with The Times.

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Hundreds flock to Baby P shrine as councillors face new calls to resign

Mourners have flocked in their hundreds to pay their respects at the memorial to Baby P.

A total of a thousand people came from across the country yesterday to lay flowers, candles and pictures in an spontaneous outpouring of national grief.

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Mother charged with killing her disabled son while on bail for his alleged attempted murder

A mother has been charged with murdering her son at a care home.

The 56-year-old woman was on bail and awaiting trial for an alleged previous attempt to kill the 22-year-old, who was being treated for head injuries.

Frances Anne Inglis, from Dagenham, Essex, was arrested by detectives on suspicion of murder on Friday.

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