‘Baby P would have grown into a feral yob’

‘Baby P would have grown into a feral yob’

If Baby P had lived he is likely to have become a ‘feral, parasitic yob’ by his early teens, a senior child campaigner has claimed.
In one of a series of public lectures, Martin Narey, head of the children’s charity Barnardo’s, deplored the life of ‘deprivation’ that he said would have transformed the infant into a young criminal.
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District nurse shortage is blamed for stripping dignity from elderly who want to die at home

Hundreds more district nurses are needed to allow the elderly to experience the dignity of dying at home, experts said last night.
Despite around two-thirds of elderly people saying they would like to die at home, 58 per cent end up spending their final hours in hospital.
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Baby P: The Sun marches on number 10

Six Sun journalists carry sacks bulging with signatures to No10 Downing Street yesterday — spelling out a nation’s fury over tortured Baby P. It took 100 bags to hold our petition containing 1.2m names, all telling PM Gordon Brown that social workers who let the tragic lad die must go.
And as the biggest ever newspaper petition was delivered Children’s Secretary Ed Balls gave The Sun a clear hint that heads may roll following an emergency probe into the scandal in Haringey, North London.

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Agencies face row over ‘unspeakable abuse’ by father

Child protection agencies in Lincolnshire and Sheffield are bracing themselves for damning criticism over the case of a man who raped and impregnated his daughters, as details of “unspeakable” abuse against the two women begin to emerge.

Repeated incidents brought the family to the notice of the police and education and health authorities as far back as the late 1970s, but though suspicions were occasionally voiced by observers, no decisive action was taken.

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Disabled people ‘bullied at work’

Disabled people are much more likely than the able-bodied to be hit, injured, bullied and humiliated at work, groundbreaking research for the Equality and Human Rights Commission will reveal today.

In the first comprehensive survey of discrimination in the workplace, the commission found 11.6% of employees with a disability or long-term illness experienced physical violence at work, compared with 5.5% of other employees.

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Cameron hints at phasing out public sector pensions

Generous final salary public sector pensions would be phased out by an incoming Conservative government, David Cameron has signalled, in comments that could presage a huge battle with up to 5m NHS staff, teachers, civil servants and local government officers.

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Town halls take £4bn spending squeeze

Labour’s new squeeze on public spending began in earnest on Wednesday as town halls were told to make £4bn ($6.15bn) of cuts and were warned they would get no more cash from Whitehall to cope with the downturn.

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