What would you give a social care service user for Christmas?

Anabel Unity Sale asks leading figures from social care what they would give a service user for Christmas.

Sandy Buchan, chief executive of Refugee Action:

“We’d give asylum seekers and refugees a British friend for life, someone who could help them get used to their new country, help them understand the complex asylum system and get proper legal representation. A British friend would help refugees realise that they are not alone and there is a brighter future.”

Srabani Sen, chief executive of Contact a Family:

“A winter fuel allowance for families of disabled children. Our latest research found that since the start of the credit crunch one in six families is going without heating. Families should be compensated for this unavoidable expense and we are campaigning for families with disabled children aged under five receive a winter fuel payment.”

Phil Hope, care services minister:

“Dignity in care and fun in life would be my Christmas present to all older people using our social care system. I’d give older people in care homes the chance to enjoy team games together. I saw the difference this made to a group of residents using a computer-based game, which was a constant source of amusement.”

Seyi Obakin, acting chief executive of Centrepoint:

“For Christmas I’d give all the homeless young people we help a laptop with free broadband access. They could complete college work, access distance learning and search for jobs and apprenticeships while developing greater computer literacy skills. They could also keep in touch with friends and family which is important, particularly at this time of year.”

David Behan, director general of social care, Department of Health:

“I would not want anything less for people who use services than I would for my own family or friends. When it comes to my children, I want to help them fulfil their ambitions, aspirations and potential. If that’s good enough for my family then it can be no different for people who use services. My present would be to let people fulfil their ambitions and aspirations.”

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