Safeguarding Adults in Social Work

Linda Nayor finds much to admire in a study mainly for student social workers

Safeguarding Adults in Social Work


Andy Mantell and Terry Scragg

Learning Matters

ISBN 9781844451487

Although it is designed primarily for the student social worker, some parts of Safeguarding Adults in Social Work would be useful for experienced practitioners.

Links are made in each chapter to national occupational standards, helpful at all educational levels. The book makes excellent use of practice examples, including case law, reflective pointers and activities. There are good research summaries, including serious case reviews, and updates on legislation. Each chapter ends with suggestions for further reading.

The book is split into three sections. The first is on the policy framework with contributions on human rights, mental capacity and Scottish legislation, particularly interesting in the light of proposed legislation changes elsewhere in the UK.

The section on empowering practice includes some useful materials, but each chapter is frustrating because it is not linked back to safeguarding adults and the discussions could have been taken further. For example, there is a chapter on communication but this is not applied to investigating abuse or neglect where this is crucial.

The final section on effective practice is excellent, particularly the references to organisational cultures, collaborative working and risk. This section alone makes the book worth the money despite lost opportunities elsewhere.

Linda Naylor is an independent trainer at Training Matters

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