News round up: £2,500 ‘golden hellos’ to get jobless back to work

£2,500 ‘golden hellos’ to get jobless back to work

An emergency £500 million plan to help the long-term unemployed back into work will be outlined today as employers, trade unions and ministers try to soften the impact of the growing jobs crisis.

People unemployed for more than six months will be guaranteed more intensive and personalised support to find work as the Government strives to prevent the inevitable surge in unemployment becoming permanent.

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Golden handcuffs deal for teachers in struggling areas

Teachers are to be given “golden handcuffs” of £10,000 to stay in secondary schools in deprived areas as part of a package to improve social mobility announced by ministers today.

The moves follow a critical report from the Liberal Democrats yesterday, which showed that the poorest children are still disadvantaged, both educationally and in life despite measures to narrow the gap between rich and poor.

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Sharon Shoesmith fails to win back job after sacking in Baby P scandal

The former children’s services chief who lost her job over Baby P’s death lost an appeal against her sacking yesterday.

Sharon Shoesmith, 55, was dismissed without compensation from her senior position at Haringey council in North London last month after a damning report into her department’s failings.

Her attempt to overturn the decision was rejected by a panel of councillors.

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Probe as 7 children die in just one town

MINISTERS have ordered an investigation into social services after SEVEN children died in one town.

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Too fat to adopt – the married, teetotal couple rejected by council because of man’s weight

Charlotte and Damien Hall are teetotal non-smokers with a stable 11-year marriage behind them. She has a career as a nanny and he shares her love of children. They would appear to be ideal candidates as adopters for a child in need of a new family.

But yesterday it emerged that Leeds city council has rejected the Halls – because he is too fat.

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