Exhibition shows positive images of learning disabilities

Mencap has created an outdoor exhibition to display some of winning photographs from its annual photo competition, Snap.

The pictures are all either taken by or featuring someone with a learning disability and aim to show life from the perspective of people with learning disabilities. As part of the This is Me exhibition, they are displayed on two-metre cubes at outdoor locations.

Here we show a selection of the photos.  

‘Our dream come true’
Featuring: Andrea and Paul Annear
By: Stuart Barrow

Andrea, 36 and Paul, 44, who lived at the Ormerod Home as children, married in 2004 after a 10-year battle to wed.


‘Positive and Proud’
Featuring: Jeff Jones
By: Alison McGann

Jeff, pictured, writes:
“I want to go to the seaside,
I want to smoke my pipe,
I want to drink lager in a pub,
And become very hype!”


‘Friends having a laugh’
Featuring: Leroy Binns and Kunal

Kunal (right) and his friend and peer advocate Leroy Binns.


‘Storm dog’
By: David Clemenson

Clemenson says: “To me the dog looks like a mysterious wolf in a storm. Sometimes my disability makes me feel like that.”

‘Beauty in the eye of the beholder’
Featuring: Hannah
By: Jo Yarnall

Yarnall says: “As I look into my daughter’s eyes I do not see her disability. I am totally captivated by her beauty.”


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