Backchat: Diary of an agency worker

Monday I am seeking employment. I get up at 7am and prepare the children for school. After they have left, the first agency rings and I am asked whether I would consider a child protection job46 miles away. I don’t know what is worse – child protection or the distance. But I am reassured by my consultant that there are great places to buy a sandwich. I think I will pass.

Tuesday I wake up with a stinking cold, I have an interview for a permanent job managing volunteers in a drug and alcohol team at 2pm – a role I really want. I spend the morning preparing my presentation. My boyfriend gives me a crash course in Powerpoint (why didn’t I start this last night?). After chasing the dog around the garden to retrieve my memory stick, I catch the train to the interview and make a few last notes for my presentation. After a gruelling 45 minutes of questions – plus everyone had colds and were coughing and sneezing – I catch the train home. They are ringing me tomorrow – I think have a one in 10 chance.

Wednesday I get the phone call I have been waiting for – I didn’t get the job. It has gone to someone who has done it before however I was second choice. I drown my sorrows with a cup of coffee and a KitKat, and an episode of Jeremy Kyle .

Thursday I make a start on my management diploma. I am undecided whether I want to progress into management or remain a frontline social worker. The agency calls me again, and offers more child protection work. However, this time it is prevention and case managing up to level three. The interview is tomorrow morning, after a quick look on the sat nav, I find it is 31 miles away. I wonder if there are any decent sandwich shops?

Friday I arrive at the interview just in time it’s taken me an hour. I try to park but am told to move my car as there is no parking. I ask where service users park, and am told that they don’t usually drive. The interview goes well I am surprised at the content of the questions, very informal and they concentrated on skills rather than policies and legislation. I am told I will find out next week whether I have the job as they are interviewing another six people. I go home and look at my GSCC renewal pack. I must complete it by next weekI should make a start, but I notice Jeremy Kyle is due to startnow where are the rest of my KitKats?

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