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12 March

News round up: Social service chiefs sent back to school

Other headlines include: -‘Spectacular IT failure’ costs taxpayer millions; Legacy of decline in pit areas still lingers

11 March

News round up: Are retired social workers willing to go back after Baby P?

Other headlines include:- Social workers’ blunders led to death of baby; Teaching assistant jailed for having sex with teenage pupils.

10 March

News round up: Sharon Shoesmith starts legal action against Balls

Other headlines include: Court to decide in Afghan asylum seeking child claim.

9 March

News round up: Baby P report raps officials

Other headlines include:- Care failings blamed for stabbing spree; Actress takes to streets in bid to save care home

6 March

News round up: Family courts reach breaking point

Other headlines include: British compulsory retirement age can stay at 65, says European court; Alcohol abuse is putting more middle-class pensioners in hospital

5 March

News round up: Councils fail to protect children despite reforms

Other headlines include: Asylum system hampered by lack of detention places

4 March

News round up: Tory councils start new wave of privatisation of care and education

Other headlines include: Council chiefs warn of job cuts following pay deal

3 March 2009

News round up: Foster parents not warned of teen sex offender

Other headlines include: Minimum price plan to curb Scotland’s drink problem; Treatment lottery restricts hi-tech treatment for depression; UK ageism cases rise with joblessness

28 February 2009

News round up: Baby P remembered on third birthday he didn’t see

Other headlines include:- Poor take-up for social housing scheme; Community sentences laughed at, report finds; Medical watchdog criticises care of British troops

27 February 2009

News round-up: Council chiefs to reveal pay deals

Other headlines include:- teenage pregancy on the rise in first time in seven years.

26 February 2009

News round up: 40,000 jobs threatened as downturn hits town halls

Other headlines include:- Other stories in today’s papers include: Heating was off for ten days at care home where eight residents died; Short, hard life of Ivan Cameron, whose suffering could change Britain

25 February 2009

News round up: ‘Social workers should check children monthly’

Other headlines include:- Other headlines in today’s papers include:- Labour plan to name and shame offenders; Council tax to rise by 3%; Long hours put workers at risk of dementia

24 February 2009

News round-up: Education and health face spending squeeze

Other headlines include:- councils face £6bn income drop.

23 February 2009

News round up: Child abuse images still easily accessible on the internet, warn charities

Other headlines include:- GPs failing people with eating disorders, says charity; Tory plan would see police grounding antisocial teenagers

20 February 2009

News round up: Baby P case: second doctor suspended

Other headlines include: Woman with multiple sclerosis loses assisted suicide case; Free needles for drug users ‘good use of NHS money’

19 February 2009

News round up: Hospitals fail to do checks on injured children

Other headlines include:- Baby P: Why are they still in jobs; Toddler died in fire ‘after mother left her home alone’; Judge bans further reporting on story of 13-year-old father

18 February 2009

News round up: Social workers slam ‘harassment’ of 13-year-old dad

Other headlines include:- Recession to hit charities reliant on sales and contracts for income.

17 February 2009

News round up: Hospital sorry over girl starving to death

Other headlines include:- Corby Council accused in first birth defects case since thalidomide; Rise in pregnant women on anti-depressants; Teenage sex and underage fatherhood glamorised in government guidance, claim Conservatives.

16 February 2009

News round up: Baby P’s father threatens to sue Haringey Council

Other headlines include:- Mind your mental health – warning on cannabis targets teenagers; More than 3 million will be out of work next year, CBI warns.

13 February 2009

News round up: Asylum detainees win record payout

Other headlines include:- Toddler ‘repeatedly sick before his death’; Migrant children wandering ‘destitute’ and ‘spreading disease’, says NHS report.

12 February 2009

News round up: Couple jailed over death of Sanam Navsarka

Other headlines include:- Cornwall social services have demanded that Channel 4 axe a controversial series in which 20 primary school children are left without adult supervision for a fortnight.



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