GSCC conduct hearing removes social worker from register

A man who was convicted and jailed for the manslaughter of his son has been removed from the social care register.

A General Social Care Council conduct committee said the child’s death had been tragic and looked at medical evidence of Mr A’s mental state at the time he committed the offence and more recently.

They also considered comments made by the judge when passing sentence on Mr A: “…you have pleaded gulity to a serious criminal offence, the manslaughter of your son, child A. You deliberately and intentionally killed Child A. You did so at a time when you were suffering such abnormailty of mind as substantially to impair your mental responsibility for your act.”

During the day-long hearing, which took place in private to protect personal details about Mr A’s health, the committee noted that before his son’s death, A was of excellent character and had been a valued member of the community he worked in.

It said: “Manslaughter, even in these fairly exceptional cirumstances, is behaviour fundamentally incompatible with being a registered social worker.”

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