News round up: ‘Social workers should check children monthly’

Children ‘should be checked every month by social workers’

Social workers should visit children in care at least once a month, according to a report. The report, Future Rules, was published by the Children’s Rights Director for England and reflects the views of 136 young people who have lived in care.

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Labour plan to name and shame offenders

Ministers are looking at controversial plans to distribute leaflets in a neighbourhood to “name and shame” offenders who have been convicted in local courts.

The proposal, which is supported by Home Office officials , is seen as a way of restoring confidence in the criminal justice system and embarrassing offenders who might otherwise go unnoticed. Research assessed by the Home Office has shown that criminals hate publicity as much as a fine or a jail sentence
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Council tax to rise by 3%

Council tax is expected to rise by an average of 3 per cent across England from April — more than 30 times the rate of inflation, local government chiefs admit today.

A survey of 300 councils from the Local Government Association (LGA) shows that lower than expected income from investments and charges and higher demand on services has led to the 12th successive rise above inflation.

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Long hours put workers at risk of dementia

Millions of workers are being put at greater risk of dementia by Britain’s long working hours culture, research has found.
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In a fair state?

New Labour wanted the measure of its success to be whether it had made Britain a more equal society after 10 years in power. With the time up, John Hills marks its card.

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