Diary: A lighter take on the working week

The day starts with an e-mail from our head of services about staff not taking seriously a request for some bureaucratic tasks. He sends a list of staff who are shamed for all to see. I go to a home support panel in the hospital where I wait 20 minutes for all the managers and then theysay yes to all my requests for home care, nursing and holiday support. I enjoy contacting the families to give them the good news afterwards. End the day with a home visit. A child has started attending school recently and is enjoying it. Agree with the mother to ask for holiday support. The head of services “e-mail of shame” sparks a row with e-mails flowing in all directions. I enjoy the view but do not participate.

In the morning I complete some recording and then go to a family review. The family is pleased with our support and alsounderstands about the delay in some of the services we promised to put in place. I arrive 10 minutes late for a professional development meeting in the afternoon, but nobody is there so I have to wait another 20 minutes for it to start. We discuss some interesting cases – I love this form of learning.

Spend all day in theoffice. In the morning I use theIntegrated Children’s System toupdate plans. I also write to afew charities and complete threeapplications for respite. Lunch is acoffee with a colleague who briefsme on her miserable love life. In theafternoon, I have a hospital reviewmeeting where staff, includingconsultant paediatrician, neurologist,physiotherapist and OT, all attendalongside social care staff. These areregular meetings in the hospital andare usually well-attended.

I work from home for afew hours because the TV repairmanis coming in. Arrive at work atlunchtime and have a new casereferred to me. It looks like it maygo down the child protection route.Professionals are accusing parentsof neglect, the parents are accusingprofessionals of negligence. I arrangeto meet with the family on Monday,which will give me time to do someinvestigation before I meet them.

I carry out some investigationabout the family: interesting but notsure what position to take yet. I do acouple of joint reassessments with anurse and then leave early to go ona speed awareness training course.I was caught doing 36mph in a areawith a 30mph limit a few months agowhen I was rushing to a meeting, sowas ordered to attend the course.Not a bad week at all

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