Young People’s Transistions from Care to Adulthood by Mike Stein

Young People’s Transitions from Care to Adulthood. International research and practice


Mike Stein and Emily R Munro, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, ISBN 9781843106104

Stein and Munro compare the policies, practices and legislation of 16 countries on care leavers. The countries range from Switzerland to Sweden and Israel to Canada.

The book, which emerged from a series of international seminars on looked-after children, is divided into two clear parts firstly, a study of each country and secondly, cross-cutting thematic issues that have emerged from the countries.

It is set out well for students and academics who need immediate data from each country for comparative purposes. It provides an easy way for students to contextualise how the UK measures up in comparison to other European countries.

The use of comparative material would also encourage researchers to reflect upon their topic with a much broader view as well as discovering alternative ways of understanding and responding to social issues.

Dr Jane Reeves, research lead in the Department of Family Care and Mental Health at Greenwich University

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