Control Centre Monitoring System

Wandsworth Borough Council is inviting suitably qualified and experienced contractors to express an interest in being considered for the provision of an emergency Control Centre Monitoring System for Wardens Services for a period of 5 years with a possible further extension for up to 6 years. The contract will commence on 1st October 2009.

It is anticipated that tenders will be sought in April 2009. The estimated total annual value of the contract is £28,000 based on an average over 5 years including any implementation costs.

Applications will only be considered from contractors who have and can demonstrate experience in having supplied and deployed a Control Centre Service to a similar sized organisation, operating a similar diverse range of Medicare and Telecare Sensors and distributed alarm systems. The contract will include:

  • the supply of software, server, PC and other hardware capable of communicating with every existing sensor and alarm system currently in use on the 2,200 plus remote sites;
  • the implementation of the system including data migration from our existing system;
  • ongoing support and maintenance for the hardware and software supplied as well as back up and business continuity solutions.

    Interested parties will be expected to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire which will require among other things the following information:

  • A brief history and outline of the company, including the current number of employees.
  • Details of current and recent similar contracts undertaken in this field, including the names and addresses of at least two clients together with the name of an individual at each who can provide a reference.
  • Copies of audited accounts (including group consolidated accounts if the company is part of a group) for the last three financial years.
  • The names and addresses of the company’s bankers.
  • Copies of the company’s insurance certificates for public liability, employee liability and professional indemnity insurance.
  • A copy of the company’s Health and Safety Policy Statement.
  • Questions on Equal Opportunities.

    Selection for inclusion within the tender list will be based on the following criteria: 1. Evidence of relevant experience of deploying and supporting a Control Centre solution for a similar sized organisation including support for the following sensors and manufacturers; Care-link, Cirrus Smartcall 4200C/CX, Davis Group, Elite, Excel, Tunstall, Lifeline 1, Lifeline 1000, Lifeline 2, Lifeline 2+, Lifeline 2000, Lifeline 3000, Lifeline 400, Lifeline 4000, Messenger, Shorrock Premier, Initial Communicall, Concept Plus, Modern Vitalcall Model A and Vital-Care.

    2. Evidence of ability to deliver to the contract standard drawn from references and verification visits to reference sites.

    3. Financial viability including 3 years of profitable financial accounts and suitable insurance cover.

    4. Sound record of quality standards including data protection, confidentiality, Health and Safety and Equalities.

    5. An acceptable method statement with regards to both the implementation phase and the ongoing support and maintenance of the system including hardware support.

    6. Acceptable business continuity and disaster recovery proposals.

    Applicants are advised that references will be taken up in writing with all referees. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that their referees respond within the timescale.

    The award of the contract will be based on the lowest price and a performance bond or parent company guarantee may be required.

    It is intended to restrict the tender list to a maximum of 6 companies.

    If more than 6 companies fulfil the criteria for selection, all companies will be contacted.

    If you wish to make an application please immediately contact Frank Egan via e-mail at or call him on 020 8871 6798 to discuss the contract and request a copy of the pre-qualification questionnaire. The deadline for the return of the pre-qualification questionnaire and all information requested is 16:00 on Monday 30th March 2009.

    A contract notice was dispatched on 26th February 2009 for publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.

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