News round up: Hilton Dawson – Why I celebrate social work

Hilton Dawson: Why I celebrate social work

World Social Work Day today coincides with St Patrick’s Day – so those characters in leprechaun hats with pints of Guinness may be celebrating even more than the patron saint of Ireland.

“Celebrate” might seem a strange word to be associated with the most undervalued profession in Britain, especially when journalists are nominated for awards for exposing our iniquities and yet another inquiry provoked by yet another tragedy describes us as a “Cinderella” service.
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Health chief highlights collateral damage caused by alcohol

Britain has a drink problem and must recognise the devastating collateral damage it is doing to families, people on the roads and other innocent bystanders, the chief medical officer said yesterday.

Sir Liam Donaldson wants to see the impact of what he terms “passive drinking” recognised and brought under control, as happened with tobacco control when the full effects of passive smoking on children began to be appreciated.

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‘Honour’ crimes have no place in English law, says judge

Conduct based on “honour” within some ethnic minority groups that compromises the safety of others has no place in English law, a senior judge said yesterday.

In what is believed to be the first court case concerning care proceedings for children based on “honour” crimes, Lord Justice Wall said such acts should be re-branded “sordid, criminal behaviour”.

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Mother appeals for a lover for her Down’s syndrome son

A mother whose adopted son has Down’s syndrome is appealing for women to have a sexual relationship with him so he can lose his virginity.
Lucy Baxter, a leading campaigner on the rights of Down’s syndrome sufferers, is so desperate for her son Otto to have his first sexual experience she is even considering paying a prostitute.

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Couple whose two sons were killed by drink-driving footballer are barred from adoption – because they are ‘still grieving’

The parents of two boys killed by a drink- driving footballer have been barred from adopting – because they are still grieving.
Amanda and Phil Peak were devastated by the death of their only children, ten-year-old Arron, and Ben, eight.
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